Here are a number of statements that may or may not apply to you. For each statement, select the response that best applies to you. Do not spend too long deliberating about your responses: if in doubt, choose the option that immediately seems most appropriate.

Disagree Strongly Disagree Moderately Disagree a Little Agree a Little Agree Moderately Agree Strongly
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 - Disagree Strongly
2 - Disagree Moderatley
3 - Disagree a Little
4 - Agree a Little
5 - Agree Moderately
6 - Agree Strongly
Statement 1 2 3 4 5 6
People consider me a spontaneous, devil-may-care person.
I am against giving money to beggars.
I keep out of trouble at all costs.
I don’t like to start a project until I know exactly how to proceed.
I consider a matter from every viewpoint before I make a decision.
I tend to buy things on impulse.
At times I have worn myself out by undertaking too much.
I like to flirt.
When I get bored, I like to stir up some excitement.
I often say and do things on the spur of the moment, without stopping to think.
I have been known to do unusual things on a dare.
Sometimes I rather enjoy going against the rules and doing things I am not supposed to.
I have often had to take orders from someone who did not know as much as I did.
I do not always tell the truth.
On the whole, I am a cautious person.
I would like to wear expensive clothes.
It is unusual for me to express strong approval or disapproval of the actions of others.
My way of doing things can be misunderstood or bother others.
In a group of people I would not be embarrassed to be called on to start a discussion or give an opinion about something I know
I am steady and planful rather than unpredictable and impulsive.
I like to stop and think things over before I do them.
I become impatient when I have to wait for something.
I would like to be a journalist.
Some of my family have quick tempers.
It makes me uncomfortable to put on a stunt at a party even when others are doing the same sort of thing.
I often get involved in things I later wish I could get out of.
I have sometimes stayed away from another person because I thought I might do or say something that I might regret afterwards.
I do not let too many things get in the way of my work.
At times, I am tempted to do or say something that others would think inappropriate.
I am easily downed in an argument.
I find it hard to make small talk when I meet new people.
At times I have very much wanted to leave home.
I have never done anything dangerous for the fun of it.
I can remember ‘‘playing sick’’ to get out of something.
My conduct is largely controlled by the customs of those about me.
I finish one activity or project before starting another.
Some of my family have habits that bother and annoy me very much.