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I'd like to tell you in one sentence what makes Live Life Satisfied (LLS) different from any other lifestyle website you'll find. However, I can't do this - because LLS is different in almost every respect to all other lifestyle publications. At LLS, we believe that it is 'differences' that are important. 'Average' usually equates to normal, and to doing things like the majority. But it is people who are different who change the world. Don't get me wrong, I (the editor) greatly admire average, and in many ways I wish I was more average. Often I wish I had 2.4 children and a secure job with an attractive benefits package. Often I wish I wasn't quite so anxious, and that I acted more 'appropriately' in social situations. I am not very average. But then we each posses at least a little something that is not very average. Perhaps you are a superb artist, or a remarkable singer. Perhaps you are surprisingly good with your finances and have managed to save more money than any of your friends. Perhaps you are extremely likeable and have built a network of social contacts that enable you to draw on the support of someone from almost any walk of life whenever you need it. Perhaps you are a model parent, the envy of us all - remaining calm and supportive even when your children become rude or aggressive. None of these things are 'average'. That's why we're so impressed when we see the qualities outlined above. At LLS, it is our conviction that it is these 'differences', this patchwork of varied personality, that form the wonderful and awe inspiring tapestry that is humanity. Our greatest gifts may also be our greatest weaknesses However, most extreme traits, or gifts, are delivered in the form of a metaphorical two-sided coin. Kate, the gregarious talkative mum may be the life and soul of the party - yet the same qualities that enable her to talk endlessly may make it difficult for her to stop talking and to listen to what others have to say. John, who during his early 20s saved several thousand pounds from his pay packet and has acquired a mortgage at age 28 may find that he struggles to allow himself to buy presents for his girlfriend, or to go out for even a celebratory meal once in a while, since he is so keen to save. And Ruby, one of the best songwriters and musicians I have ever met, also finds that her stunning ability to express the deeper emotions of heartache and pain in song, is in fact a reflection of her ongoing struggle with depression. Live Life Satisfied celebrates differences. Our differences are often our greatest gifts. Yet our differences are typically the traits that we find the most difficult to manage. In relationships, differences can generate strong attraction; yet they can also often stimulate significant conflict. And it's this two-sided coin that is represented by Live Life Satisfied. The articles that we publish on this website will be a celebration of differences. At LLS, we hope to better understand, and to celebrate this ongoing struggle to manage our individual gifts. We believe differences are intrinsic to our species. In fact, we believe it is our differences that make who we are. Photo: Joe Shlabotnik


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