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Meet The Team

Live Life Satisfied is managed by a small team of talented individuals. Your experience on this site is as a result of their hard work. Below is a list of the LLS team members. We warmly encourage you to take the time to find out a little bit more about the team.

Our Team Members

Phil Warren

Phil Warren @PhilWarrenLLS


Phil is editor at Live Life Satisfied. For the past seven years Phil has run which become one of the primary life coaching resources listed by Google for a wide array of self-help search terms.

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Callum Thomson

Callum Thomson


Callum is the only Live Life Satisfied developer. He is a remarkably talented programmer with a passion for all things web. For LLS, he is responsible for all website development: database design & maintenance, platform architecture, front and back-end development, and system & server administration.

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Trevor Jayakody

Trevor Jayakody @Trevor_LLS

Marketing Director

With over 8 years of marketing and sales expertise, Trevor is passionate about sharing engaging content with a like-minded audience and is looking forward to providing value and support to the LLS community.

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