Mate-Seeking Specialist


Here are a number of statements that may or may not apply to you. For each statement, select the response that best applies to you. Do not spend too long deliberating about your responses: if in doubt, choose the option that immediately seems most appropriate.

Disagree Strongly Disagree Moderately Disagree a Little Agree a Little Agree Moderately Agree Strongly
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 - Disagree Strongly
2 - Disagree Moderatley
3 - Disagree a Little
4 - Agree a Little
5 - Agree Moderately
6 - Agree Strongly
Statement 1 2 3 4 5 6
I don't spend much of my spare time doing achievement focused tasks.
I spend as little time doing work as possible.
I really enjoy spending money.
I try not to spend money on things I don't need.
I don't like to see too much violence in films.
I have a large number of contacts at my disposal.
I'm not particularly competitive.
I'm not that keen on being a leader.
I am very keen to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
I'm very ambitious at work.
I quite like movies that are a bit violent.
I think people find me a little intimidating.
I don’t think people flirt with me that much.
I'm not that interested in keeping in touch with lots of people.
I'm a bit of a flirt.
I've not had sex with very many people.
I'm very competitive.
I'm not very preoccupied by sex.
I have travelled to many different countries.
I am very achievement focused.
I have not travelled abroad very often.
I like horror movies.
I like to wear expensive clothes
I don't have very big muscles (compared to others of my same sex).
I live quite far away from my parents.
I don't think people find me very intimidating.
I'm pretty physically strong (compare to others of my same sex).
I like to go out to fun events whenever I have the opportunity.
I struggle with confrontation.
I've slept with quite a lot of people compared to others in my (same sex) social circle.
I hate horror movies.
I'm not very flirtatious.
I'm not that bothered about buying branded clothes or merchandise.
I get a lot of attention from the opposite sex.
I am a bit of a workaholic.
I'm quite comfortable doing risky things.
I often choose to have a night in rather than go out to events I could go to.
I'm very physically fit.
I like being a leader.
I'm not overly keen on meeting new people.
I don’t get very frightened in potentially threatening situations.
I'm not that ambitious at work.
I'm quite risk averse.
I live quite close to my parents.
I'm quite extroverted.
I have quite a high sex drive.
I’m not particularly physically fit.
I can be pretty confrontational when I need to be.